Work From Home with Amazon Jump Ropes

Once in a while, an amazing work at home opportunity comes along. And when it does, we have to share it here at the university. This particular tool isn’t actually new, but not until recently have we been actively using it as an income generating tool.

The opportunity I’m talking about here is Amazon’s Associate Program. In the past, we haven’t focused on it because the commission percentage is quite low, but the upside is that once an Amazon cookie is set, you get credit for anything the buyer purchases on Amazon, not just the product they linked to.

Take for example, the Crossfit speed jump rope from Inspired Fitness Gear. This is one of the best crossfit jump ropes on the market, but at just $14.67, you’re only going to make about $0.45 commission if someone buys one. But if they buy some other fitness gear at the same time such as an exercise bike or treadmill, or anything else for that matter, like a diamond ring on a LCD TV, you’ll get paid a great commission on those products too.

Pretty cool, heh? So for this reason, we’re now starting to recommend the Amazon Associate program to our work from home university team.

So start building some affiliate sites, and lets drive some traffic to Amazon and make lots of money online!

Dropshipping as a work from home opportunity

I’ve always found that some of the best work from home opportunities revolve around affiliate marketing. Mainly due to the simplicity, as well as the opportunity for massive growth in your monthly income.

But it’s also a good idea to build multiple income streams, which is why I’ve decided to get into ecommerce. More specifically, the route I’m going down is drop shipping. If you haven’t heard of drop shipping, don’t worry, you’re not alone. I hadn’t either until recently.

But my friend Kelly has just done an online course call the Dropship Lifestyle, which outlines a simple plan build an online store without having to invest in your own stock. I like the sound of this so I’m about to get stuck into the course too, but she already has two profitable stores up and running!

I’m so happy we live in the internet age where I can easily earn a living at home, spending time with my friends and kid!

Online Dog Training as a Work From Home Biz?

The beauty of working from home is that you can set up a business in pretty much any field online and make money from your kitchen table.

Never will you have to work in a job you hate again, because now you can create a job you love!

Just pick something you’re passionate about and run with it. If it’s something you love, then guaranteed there are other people who love your passion too, and will pay good money for related goods, services, books and training.

I really love my two golden retrievers, but they can be a bit naughty at times. So we’ve been doing some training using “Doggy Dan’s Online Training“. It’s a wonderful course, but it also turns out that they have an affiliate program. So now, not only are my dogs learning positive behaviour, but I’m also building a sweet passive income selling dog training courses in my work from home business.

This is the life, eh?

Can you make a living online?

Have you ever dreamed of not having to work a normal nine to five job again? Having the financial freedom to work where and when you like is the utopia that many yearn for.

Fortunately, we live in an age where the reality of such a lifestyle is more attainable than ever. If you want to work from home with an online business, there are so many opportunities, it’s difficult to know where to begin!

So here’s a list of my favorite money making opportunities:

#1 – write a book. Once upon a time, if you wanted to write a book, you had to jump through hurdles with agents and publishers, and most likely your story will never see the light of day. Today though, all you need is an idea, a laptop and an Amazon account. You can self publish pretty much anything to Amazon, Kobo and Apple stores and start making money.

#2 – Promote other peoples products. If someone’s thought of a product, its probably online and there’s probably an affiliate program that will allow you to get a referral fee for helping buyers find the product. Amazon and ebay both have affiliate programs which pay you a commission whenever you send a buyer their way. Lots of smaller online stores and suppliers will also run their own affiliate programs. Niches like pharmaceuticals can payout huge commissions, like the UniqueHoodia weight loss suppliment.

#3 – Dropshipping. You can run your own online store, without having to carry you own stock. No warehouse, no storeroom staff, and no packing and posting! Just collect the money, forward the order to the supplier and they pack and ship to your customer.

There’s heaps more, but this three will give you something to think about and get started. Enjoy!

Start learning about weight loss

One of the fastest growing industries today is the health and wellness field. Mainly because our waistlines are growing so fast! America, closely followed by the rest of the world too, is swelling as we eat more and exercise less. It’s a pretty sad situation that the world has gotten into.

This give anyone who wants to work from home a great opportunity as there are loads of potential ways to may money in the fitness industry. Some of those things are:

  • Becoming a personal trainer and coaching from home
  • Starting an ecommerce website selling weight loss products
  • Blogging about weight loss and using affiliate marketing for extra revenue
  • Test and review fitness products
  • Start your own boot camp!

I’ll get into the specifics of some of these niches in future blog posts, so stay tuned. Or get creative and come up with your own ideas. It’s easy to work from home!